Helmholtz Cloud

Since 2021, the bwSync&Share service has also been available to members of the Helmholtz Centres as part of the Helmholtz Cloud.

1. Conditions of use

Access to bwSync&Share for members of Helmholtz centers is regulated by membership in a center service VO*. In order for members of a Helmholtz center to use the bwSync&Share service, a center service VO of the form <center_abbreviation>_bwSyncShare must exist in the Helmholtz AAI.

The overview of the currently established virtual organizations (VOs) in the Helmholtz AAI can be accessed with this link: https://hifis.net/doc/helmholtz-aai/list-of-vos/

An exception are the centers and VOs:

  • Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI),
  • Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung (UFZ) 
  • and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) which are already integrated into the service (for details on access and usage see 2. Usage of bwSync&Share)
  • Members of the VO HelmholtzDataHub.

If no center service VO <center_abbreviation>_bwSyncShare exists yet, the following steps have to be taken to get access to bwSync&Share:

  1. Establishment of a center service VO <center_abbreviation>_bwSyncShare by the using center.
    How to request a center service VO: https://hifis.net/doc/helmholtz-aai/howto-vos
  2. Designation of a contact person for the service at the using center.
  3. Contacting the contact person via email to bwsyncandshare∂scc.kit.edu to discuss with KIT the topics of
    • 1st level support and
    • usage licenses


1.1 A center service VO for bwSync&Share already exists

To find out which virtual organizations (VOs) you are already a member of, log in at https://login.helmholtz.de/. You will be presented with a start page with the item "Groups membership". This list should include the center service VO of the form <center_abbreviation>_bwSyncShare.

If this is not the case, please request membership in the center service VO <center_abbreviation>_bwSyncShare. To do so, click on the Apply link in the corresponding line in the https://hifis.net/doc/helmholtz-aai/list-of-vos/ list.


2. Usage of bwSync&Share

  1. Please click on the link ("Entrypoint") provided in the Cloud Portal for the bwSync&Share service. You will be redirected to the page of the Federated Login Service (FeLS) of KIT.
  2. For members of the AWI, UFZ or KIT: Select the entry "AWI", "UFZ" or "KIT" as your home organization.
  3. For members of all other Helmholtz Centers:
    1. Select the entry "Helmholtz AAI" in the list of home organizations. You will be redirected to a page to login to the Helmholtz AAI
    2. Select your home IdP and log in with your data
    3. Afterwards you will be automatically redirected back to the Helmholtz AAI and then to the service


*: A "VO" is a virtual organization. For details on the VO concept, see also https://hifis.net/doc/helmholtz-aai/concepts/