bwSync&Share in the DFN-Cloud

The bwSync&Share service is also offered to DFN-Verein members as part of the DFN Cloud.
Information on booking the service can be found on the website

The Scientific Computing Center (SCC) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) operates for institutions of the state of Baden-Württemberg the online storage service bwSync&Share. This service is within the framework of the DFN-Cloud also offered to members of the DFN-Verein. DFN members who wish to use the service must sign a trial framework contract with DFN and subsequently with the the SCC a so-called trial agreement conclude a so-called trial agreement. This DFN members are referred to as trial partners.

Service description

The service bwSync&Share enables employees and students of the participating institution to store KIT storage systems to synchronize data between desktop computers and mobile devices. and mobile devices. In addition, the user can access his stored data to other users by assigning appropriate access rights. In doing so users who do not belong to the participating institution can also be granted access rights. be granted.
Through the integration of OnlyOffice, an online editor comparable to Google Docs, it is possible to use Office documents can be edited on the end device via the web interface, even without installing an can be edited on the end device. In addition to synchronizing and sharing files, this also makes it possible to editing of files at the same time is also possible.

Once a user has registered for this service, authentication and authorization for the service usage always via the DFN-AAI (details s. Section Conditions of Participation). The service can be used cross-platform via web browser, In addition, clients are available for the operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android are available.

Data protection and data security

The communication between the end devices and the central storage systems takes place encrypted. The data is stored in encrypted form on KIT storage systems and thus remains within the thus remain in the German legal area. Access to data is restricted to the user who initially stored the data initially stored the data, as well as to other users authorized by the data owner by granting authorized by the data owner by granting access rights.

Uptime/service time/response time/availability

The systems of the service infrastructure run around the clock during regular operation. During the service time (Mon - Fri from 09:00 to 17:00), the response time is usually four hours. KIT generally strives generally strives for the highest possible service availability. Scheduled service interruptions (e.g. for maintenance work) are announced in advance with a notice period of five days.


The service can be made available within of a month after creation of the conditions on the part of the provided by the testing partner.

Cost model

The costs for using the service consist of operating, storage and licensing costs. costs. When calculating the costs, only those user accounts are taken into account to which a storage quota is also assigned. to which a storage quota is also assigned.

By means of a so-called "registration for the use of a federated DFN service", the trial partner informs the DFN of the desired number of user accounts and the total storage space to be made available to the users of the institution.

License fees

For each user account ordered, regardless of employee or student status, 2.75 € license fee per year for Nextcloud and OnlyOffice will be charged.

Invitation of guest users is free of charge. Guest users are outside the licensed (e.g. project partners at companies) and can access shares granted to them by licensed service users. licensed service users. Guest users must be assigned by a licensed service user to a folder or file before you can invite a guest account to your email address. Your email address can be invited. Guest users are NOT granted their own storage quota (quota) and have access only to the data for which they have been granted a share.

Storage costs

Each registered user account is allocated a standard storage quota, which is currently 50 GB.

For the provided storage space, 0.30 Euro per gigabyte per year will be charged.

The trial partner also has the option of independently changing the storage quotas of individual user accounts.

Operating costs

Operating costs of 0.75 € per year and registered user account will be charged.

Conditions of participation

KIT operates the service bwSync&Share and enables the employees and students of the participating DFN institutions to use the service.

The operator provides second-level support. For this purpose, it provides a ticket system that is used by the first- level support of the using institution to communicate with the second level support of KIT. second-level support.

Usage requirements for participating institutions are:

  • For authentication and authorization of users:

    • Membership of the institution in the DFN-AAI-Advanced federation.

    • Availability of an identity provider integrated into the DFN-AAI and configured accordingly. Identity Provider (IdP) with ECP and WebSSO, which provides for each authorized user the following information provides the following information for each authorized user:
      Unique user identifier (EPPN & persistent ID), first and last name, email address.

    • Authorization of individual users via Shibboleth Entitlement to use the

  • Takeover of 1st level support for their own user group.

  • Designation authorized support staff, who with the second-level support can communicate. These register in the support portal and are then activated.

The operator reserves itself reserves the right individual users or facilities temporarily from the service exclude from the service in case of technical difficulties with the user or the equipment should