Welcome to bwSync&Share

bwSync&Share is a powerful service for synchronizing and sharing desktop data.
To enable you to use bwSync&Share efficiently and successfully, you will find support in entering and using bwSync&Share on the following pages.
Learn how to register and where to find information about the web interface, the desktop client and the mobile client.
In the FAQ you will find tips for the first steps, information about the functionalities of Nextcloud and also about problems that may occur.
In addition, the Service Description and Deprovisioning items inform you about how the service works.
We recommend installing and using a bwSync&Share-desktop-client, so that the data is stored in unencrypted form on your own end device.

If you have any further questions, please contact the support team of the university to which you belong. There your request can be recorded and if necessary forwarded to the support for bwSync&Share.


Due to a bug in the software, inviting new accounts with upper case letters is currently not possible. Therefore, please use only lowercase letters in the email addresses for which no account exists yet and which you invite as a guest.

In order to stably provide the service, the Circles app is deactivated. All users who use Circles with groups of users can therefore not use this function right now.
The functionalities of the Circles app caused numerous very time-consuming queries in the database cluster. These endangered the service as a whole, so the app now had to be disabled. We are working with the manufacturer of the software on a solution to make Circles and the relevant functionalities available again in a cleaned-up form.

As of January 2022, only clients from 3.3 can access the service.