Why do I have to register?

Before logging in for the first time, registration is mandatory to provide Shibboleth users with a storage contingent. External users assign at the Registration a password, which is needed for the registration. During the registration process you will see the terms of use that you must agree to. Information on registration can be found in the user documentation quick guide.

What is a Shibboleth registration?

Shibboleth is the authentication method used to ask the local user administration for an authorization for bwSync&Share. The service provider (in this case bwSync&Share) forwards the logon request to the local Shibboleth server of the selected institution and asks for the transmission of certain data such as authorization to use bwSync&Share. Access on bwSync&Share is only possible after confirmation of the access data by the local user administration.  This infrastructure allows decentralized rights management by the relevant institution.

For questions about the Shibboleth site, permissions, user account or password, please contact the local service desk/helpdesk of your institution.

External users log in directly to bwSync&Share.

I am an external user and have forgotten my password.

Open the website https://bwsyncandshare.kit.edu and select Externe Nutzer from the list of institutions. Enter your email address and click Password zurücksetzen. An email is sent. Check your mailbox and follow the link.

Enter a new password. As soon as you have entered a password according to the rules, the button Passwort jetzt neu setzen is activated.

How can I access bwSync&Share?

With bwSync&Share you can access your data with different hardware or via the website. The desktop client automatically synchronizes the local copy of your files

Appropriate manuals are available for installation and use of the clients. The Clients and Appstores can be found on the download page: https://bwsyncandshare.kit.edu/download_client

Who can I invite?

They can be members of the participating universities and colleges (Shibboleth users) as well as any other mail address (external users). For more information, see the user documentation quick reference guide: Kurzanleitung.

Can multiple users edit a document at the same time?

Online Working with Onlyoffice: You can edit Microsoft Office documents with the Onlyoffice Web application, without the need for a download. It is also possible for several partners to work together on one in Onlyoffice open document. On the Web page, click the document name. Onlyoffice is set up in its own browser window/tab. Attention: When using an Internet Explorer, the compatibility view setting may have to be adjusted or switch to another browser (Firefox, Chrome). See detailed information: Short Instuction OnlyOffice

Working with local Office programs on the same document: Editing offline can be done using both the desktop client and the web interface with the locally installed editing program. The desktop client automatically synchronizes with the bwSync&Share server as soon as the file is saved on the desktop. Files downloaded from the website for editing must be uploaded again after editing.

You can work on a document offline with other users, but you should note the following: If two or more users edit the same document in parallel, the time of uploading decides on the available file.

How do I enable tracking of changes in Onlyoffice?

Either via the Collaboration tab or the icon in the status bar.

Reset Desktop Client

Problem: The desktop client does not connect to the server after entering the password. The folders are not synchronized.
Troubleshooting: Please try to replace the profile file of the Powerfolder client. Individual adjustments of the client are stored in the Powerfolder profile (path in
Mac or Linux: .PowerFolder in your home directory, path in Windows 10:
C:\Users\Users\AppData\Roaming\PowerFolder). Hidden system files may need to be displayed in the File Explorer/Finder.

Reset File history / Archive

The best way to delete the archive is via the web interface. For larger amounts of data, it is recommended that you delete the file history in each folder individually. In the folder view, select the folder settings (icon top right). Then choose "Delete online" in "File History". For all folders together the archive can be deleted via "Account" (navigation).

I was invited to a folder, but I don't see it

You were not invited with the mail address stored in bwSync&Share (Main email address of the Shibboleth account). The user administration of bwSync&Share therefore creates a new user account as external user for this unknown mail address. The system sends a message to this mail address.

Register as an external user with this e-mail address (information in the User Documentation Quick Guide). If you log in now as an external user, you will see the folder. To see all folders in a user account, add the address at which you were invited to your user account or merge your different user accounts if necessary. See Arbeiten mit der Web-Oberfläche.

Files are missing

bwSync&Share stores deleted and old files in a file history. The storage space for previous versions is at the expense of your storage volume. You can set the number of versions to be saved. 5 versions are default. For changing the number and deleting the history see Reset File History.

Only deleted files can be restored via the web interface. Nevertheless, versions of changed files are saved when uploading again. You can access these versions with the desktop client: The deleted files are contained in the folder where they were saved before deletion. Click the "View Deleted Files" icon on top. The deleted file is displayed in the list and can be downloaded directly. To restore them permanently, click the green arrow.

I would like to give my data to another user

Use the web interface and open the folder. Choose the icon "Manage Members". If you have invided another person and this is a shibboleth user, you can transfer ownership by cliching the "crown" icon. The new owner must agree. Attention: The new owner can revoke your access rights at once.

What is my storage space/quota?

The Shibboleth users of the participating universities and colleges in Baden Württemberg will receive 25 GB of storage space. The administrator there is responsible.

For institutions using the infrastructure of bwSync&Share via DFN, different standard contingent sizes may apply.

External users do not get their own storage space. By assigning write permissions, they receive the right to store data in the contingent of the inviting folder owner.

How to create log files for error analysis (Desktop Client)?

Check the Enable Logging box in Settings. Try to reproduce the problem. The logs are stored in your profile (path in Mac or Linux: .PowerFolder in your home directory, path in Windows 10: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\PowerFolder). For information on accessing the profile folder, see Reset Desktop Client. Send the log files with the error description to your institution's local service desk/helpdesk.